Saturday, 30 May 2015

Scrap AWESOME with an R

Wow what an amazing day we had full of scrapping, laughing, being inspired, talking and bonding!!!
 Our day couldn't have been any better....(well maybe we could have had a little more wine😜)....3 classes taught through out the day. Many ladies who have not been scrapping for nearly 18 months were inspired to start again, and find new inspiration. 
I started the class with my nervous....but had a blast!!! 
And having plenty of time for selfies with these amazing two.....
Nat then taught her AMAZING class....
This LO is just amazing! You really need to see it!! (Ok here it is)....
Amazing right???
And then we finished with the super awrsome Tammy!!!! 
(She will kill me for this photo)
Our day wouldn't have been what is was without the wonderful support of our scrappy ladies, and I thank them all for being a part of something so special to Tammy and I! 
I'm ready for our next episode, first true 'kit' launch of 'Kit the Habit'!!! 
Thanks for taking the time to read my review of a great AWRSOME day!!! 
Scrap ya later, Em xxx


  1. Was such a great day. My favourite part was doing it with you! And yes I'll kill you for that photo! I also loved getting to see that creative magic that happens when women get together. Love you. Xx

    1. Completely agree about the magic that happy to be going on this adventure with you Tam. Love ya too. Xxx