Thursday, 10 December 2015

Love life

It's my turn this month over at D-lish to create a challenge for 'the scrap suite'. 
So I decided to go with a bit of an upcycle theme?? 
This means you can use something non traditional on your page. It's amazing what you can use.   

So some of the things I used are, an old phone cover, a Purfume box, packaging cardboard, and a box that use to hold a bottle of alcohol ;)
Here is what I did with it....

So with the scrapbooking packaging I trimmed it up to create my layers. I then cut the alcohol box up into a few strips and even reversed a couple of pieces and embossed them to add another point of interest.

The trickiest part was the phone cover as it's quite thick (even after pulling it all apart) so I added and just used foam tape under the photo so that this added extra dimension also to the page.

It's amazing how gorgeous some of the packets we get really are. 
Why not have a go yourself, see what's lying around b4 you throw it away. 
A choc wrapper/box or even a tea box? 
You just never know where the inspo might come from. 
Till we meet again, happy scrapping.

Em. Xxx

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