Saturday, 30 December 2017

Art journal with Emma.

Hi everyone. 
Today I’m sharing another page in my art journal. I get so nervous creating in my journal and I really need to just let me be me in it. I tend to compare my work to everyone else’s, this includes all my creations not just the journal. 
But we are all unique, we like different things, we see different perspectives, and we create differently and that’s what makes our art so awesome! 
So I pulled out my stamps and inks (because these are my fave items at the moment) and just went for it. 

It’s not at all perfect, but I had fun creating it. 
I wanted it to reflect positivity as I’m lacking that about myself at the moment. 
So I started with my main stamp, my girl, she is so gorgeous and I really haven’t water painted much b4 and thought I’d also try a ‘Style’ of this medium with my oxide inks. 
So after stamping around my page, with a few flowers, and quotes, I chose my ink colours. 

Choosing a few ‘feminine’ colours started painting the flowers with a water brush pen. Darkening and lightening where I needed. 
Once this process was complete, I dried it and then quickly spritzed it with gold and again heat dried it quick before the oxide inks reactivated. 

I then grabbed a couple of stencils and again using the oxide inks and a dauber rubber the ink through in a random fashion. I loved doing this it reminded me of art class 😜 

I love the way the gold sat on top of everything. In the photos you can’t quite tell how much shimmer it has, but it really shines on the black lines of the stamps. 

I then finished with a few flicks of ink and my page was done. I stepped back and felt happy with the play I had, and really want to enjoy that creative time instead of overthinking it. 
I hope this can encourage you to try something that you might overthink?? 

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Have a great holiday break and I’ll catch you all in the new year. 
Till then, Em xxx

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