Monday, 6 February 2017

Treasure - PictureThis!

This month over at PicureThis we have a fun challenge of Tic Tac Toe.
You can choose any of the products, as long as they run in a row, be it up, down or horizontal.
I chose a horizontal line using enamel dots, layers and red.

I dedicated this months challenge to my Nan who left us 2 months ago.
And I really wanted to use this photo of her at the age of 18.
I love how young she is and the whole feel of the photo.

Nan quite liked the colour red so it was perfect to use the line with this colour in it.

And I had to throw plenty of 'roses' in to this layout as Nans name was Rose.
These flowers worked perfectly with the photo and colour.

I'm really happy with how this layout turned out, and I feel it has honoured Nana too.
I hope you get to have a play with this challenge, I look forward to seeing what products you choose for it.
Till next time, Em. Xx

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